Digital accounting Sweden

By |Okt 20, 2017|

Erik Emilsson founding partner at Revideco in Sweden and Morten Ryberg Partner at Redmark in Denmark was invitated to speak on the subject of opportunities in digital accounting  Sweden and Scandinavia at the MGI worldwide AGM in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the forefront of digital accounting

In Sweden we are in the forefront of digitalization within accounting, we have a lot of the software in place – both for small and medium size companies and we also have modernized our business model to fit the clients of today.

What we have done is that we have implemented very sophisticated cloud based software that will allow for real-time bookkeeping and added our very qualified staff to facilitate setup, monthly reporting, year-end procedure, audit and other services to allow a modern and safe environment for our local and international clients.

Sweden compared to the rest of the world

Working with accountants from all around the world for the last decades, I know that the accounting industry in most countries in the world is being modernized, but few are as far ahead as we are in Sweden – says Erik Emilsson.

MGI worldwide

MGI is a global accounting network of independent audit firms, tax advisory firms, CPAs and accounting firms. In Scandinavia MGI has a strong presence with members in all countries and all major cities. Revideco in Sweden has been a member since the year 2000.