family businesses and entrepreneurial companies in Sweden

We have experience in providing a wide range of services to many types of businesses, but it all started with audits of owner-managed businesses, family businesses and entrepreneurial companies.

Book a meeting and let us tell you more about Revideco and what we have to offer.

For many of our clients, we are not only auditors, but as we get to know your business, we are also able to offer specific advice to your needs. As we support you and your company for many years, often generations, we can become a valuable and trustworthy partner.

We also have a large network of accountants and specialists, both domestic and international, and we can help resolve issues just about anywhere on the globe.

We, like our network of accountants and specialists around the globe, are mid-sized owner-managed companies. We understand our clients’ businesses, aspirations, challenges and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

We are partner-led and provide a service that is quality driven. We have listened to our clients, their experiences and what they need. We will always respond to all phone calls and e-mails promptly. We believe that this accessibility, personal service, and our value for money offer, is market leading.