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Driving force

We strive for a common philosophy with both our clients and providers. We want to thrive and we want our clients to thrive. Our driving force is that everyone who meets us should feel that they have become a better person. This may sound a little vague, but it is about dealing with people honestly and fairly, with openness, transparency, humility and veracity. Then, we find there are seldom any problems.


Some of our clients are small businesses, some are a little bigger. The majority are owner-managed and entrepreneur-driven service and consultancy companies. Just like us. Our approximately 1000 clients operate in nearly as many different branches. We thrive on diversity and variation. This gives us versatility and job satisfaction.

Enterprising spirit

One of our advantages compared to the larger companies is that we really know how to run a company, and how to work for an owner-managed company. We are in the same situation as our clients. Every day.


If you have a problem, you should always be able to get help. We concentrate on what we are good at. But if our clients need more assistance, we can arrange such. We are not allied to anyone and are, therefore, able to choose the best solution for a client in any given circumstance.


We are a relatively young company and have a young client structure. We have grown with many of our clients and have also expanded abroad. We follow the entrepreneur all the way.