Payroll Administration

Navigating the intricate world of payroll administration can be a daunting task for many businesses. Ensuring accurate salary processing, staying compliant with local regulations are just a few of the challenges faced. Enter Revideco, one of Sweden’s independent salary services providers, dedicated to simplifying payroll solutions for both local and international clientele.

With more than 25 years of expertise, Revideco is a trusted payroll service supplier. Beyond salary processing, we take a comprehensive approach to payroll administration. This includes ensuring on-time payments, handling tax and social security payments, and managing subsequent filings. Revideco also prioritizes data privacy through GDPR-compliant payslip services, safeguarding the confidentiality and security of employee information.

Revideco is a trusted payroll service supplier

We stand out with diverse range of services, which goes beyond payroll to include accounting and audit services. This makes us a convenient choice for many businesses. Our expertise is further strengthened by our membership in MGI Worldwide, a global network of independent firms in audit, tax, and accounting. This affiliation not only expands our global presence but also guarantees clients receive high-quality services tailored to international standards.

We stand out with diverse range of services

Our joint ethos with MGI is based on three fundamental principles: global reach, local expertise, and personalized solutions. The collaboration with accountants, CPAs, and CFOs from all over the world demonstrates our international presence. Simultaneously, a good understanding of Swedish law, Swedish GAAP, and specific local regulations highlights our local expertise. This fusion of global and local, coupled with our commitment to creating effective solutions customized for each client, positions us as a reliable option in the field of payroll administration.

Payroll solutions that are truly made simple

In a world where businesses often grapple with the complexities of payroll, we are a trusted partner, ensuring that payroll administration is not just a mundane task but a streamlined process, driving efficiency and compliance. Whether you’re a budding business in Sweden or an international conglomerate, with us by your side, you’re assured of payroll solutions that are truly made simple.