Payroll Solutions with Revideco

At Revideco, we understand that payroll is a vital part of your business operations. It’s not just about paying salaries; it’s about delivering comprehensive solutions that embody accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. That’s why we’ve dedicated over 25 years to perfecting our services that cater to both local and international businesses operating in Sweden.

Our salary processing services in Sweden include:

  • payments of salary and benefits,
  • withholding tax & social security filings as well as payment thereof,
  • GDPR compliant payslip service,
  • computation of pension plans as well as,
  • producing export files containing finance/general ledger data to be imported into accounting software.

Our payroll solutions take a comprehensive approach. In addition to processing salaries, we prioritize timely and accurate salary payments. We also are committed to maintaining the integrity of your data, as evidenced by our GDPR-compliant payslip services, which safeguard your employees’ personal information.

Our payroll solutions take a comprehensive approach

At Revideco, our distinctive feature lies in the broad array of services. Beyond payroll, we provied auditing, accounting expertise, positioning us as a comprehensive solution for businesses of varying sizes. Our affiliation with MGI Worldwide, a prestigious network of independent audit, tax, and consulting firms, reinforces our global reach and local expertise. This partnership ensures that our clients, whether they are around the corner or across the globe, receive services that meet global standards while adhering to local compliance.

At the core of our service philosophy are three key principles: a global perspective, local expertise, and customized solutions. Our collaboration with financial experts worldwide expands our capabilities. Yet, it is our in-depth knowledge of Swedish laws and regulations that sets us apart. We pride ourselves on crafting personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client, making us the preferred choice for payroll solutions in Sweden.

Our collaboration with financial experts worldwide expands our capabilities

We recognize the challenges businesses face with payroll complexities, and we’re here to simplify the process. Our payroll solutions are designed not just to ease the burden of payroll processing but to empower your business toward operational excellence and growth. If you’re seeking payroll solutions that are synonymous with efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, contact us. At Revideco, we’re ready to be your trusted partner in payroll solutions.

Challenges businesses face with payroll complexities