What next? After the pandemic – Join Revideco and MGI Worldwide webinar series

By |Published On: 2020-03-04|

Revideco and MGI Worldwide with CPAAI are delighted to announce a new webinar series: What next? After the pandemic. Weekly Wednesday Webinars featuring some of the most entertaining and insightful speakers in the world. They are all world-class speakers and authors, who regularly appear in conferences, TED talks, TV shows and webinars all over the globe.

What next? After the pandemic

The series theme is What next? After the pandemic, taken from a broad variety of angles – your practice, the economy, your clients, technology, your work and life. The format will mostly be a short introduction by the speaker, who will then take questions and lead debate on his or her ideas.

Starting May 6th – don’t miss out!

The Star Speaker series of Wednesday Webinars kicks-off with renowned customer-experience expert Ian Goulding talking about “The importance of empathy in driving sustainable growth” on Wednesday 6 May at 3:00 PM Stockholm time.

The importance of empathy in driving sustainable growth

In normal times, let alone times of crisis, the better able an organisation is at empathising with people (customers AND employees), the more likely it is that it will be successful and sustainable. In this webinar we will explore:

  • How empathy is directly linked to sustainable growth
  • The importance of enabling your people to ‘think and act’ in the interests of customers
  • The consequences of failing to adapt to the current situation

Introducing Ian Golding 

Ian is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and Customer Experience Specialist at Customer Experience Consultancy. He guides, mentors and consults with organisations and customer experience practitioners in over 35 countries worldwide.  

Welcome Revideco clients

The webinar is open for Revideco clients, registration invitations are sent separatlly 24 hours in advance of the start of the webinar. Did you not get an invitation? Contact us at marketing@revideco.se. Welcome!

Join us every Wednesday to hear the latest insights from leading experts:

Wednesday 6 May, 15.00 Swedish time – Ian Golding (Top customer experience expert)
“The importance of empathy in driving sustainable growth.”

Wednesday 13 May, 15.00 Swedish time – Tim Harford (Author, Economist, FT and BBC Journalist)
“After the pandemic. Will we use the opportunity to do business better?”

Wednesday 20 May 24.00 Swedish time – Jonathan Pain (Leading consultant and TV commentator on global economic trends) After the pandemic: what will the new economic reality look like?

Wednesday 27 May, 15.00 Swedish time – Gerd Leonhard (World-renowned expert on the future of business and technology)The Great Transformation; A post-corona future: what to expect in the next 3-5 years”

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