Owner-managed businesses,

family businesses and entrepreneurial companies in Sweden

We have a large network of accountants and specialists, both domestic and international, and we can help resolve issues just about anywhere on the globe.

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No matter whether you are the founder of your successful company, the CEO/MD of your growing family business or the entrepreneur looking to expand into new markets, you face the same challenges. You need a reliable firm to handle the accounting and advisory issues.

Accounting for owner-managed businesses

As accountants of both smaller and larger entities in Sweden, we have a very good understanding of many types of businesses, for many of our clients, we are not only their accountants. As we get to know your company, we are also able to give dedicated advice. As we support you and your business for many years, often generations, we aim to be a valued and trusted partner.

International network

We ourselves, as well as our network of accountants and specialists around the globe, are mid-sized owner-managed companies. We understand our clients’ businesses, aspirations, challenges and what it means to be an entrepreneur.