Scandinavian Luxury Group

Scandinavian Luxury Group is Sweden’s major online shop for high-end watches and jewelry.

Scandinavian Luxury Group is marketing high-end watches and jewelry online. The company was founded in 2006 and had a turnover of 10 million SEK. Today the turnover is around 115 million SEK and they have 12 employees. Scandinavian Luxury Group is today the largest online deliverer of its kind in Scandinavia and they also operate in several other European countries.


When the company started in 2006 they wanted to hire an accountancy firm for auditing and also for e. g. tax issues. After a search at google the owners contacted Revideco.

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“Revideco is our partner when it comes to all financial matters that we feel insecure about ourselves and we think they are very professional and extremely thorough. They also provide us with suggestions and ideas that we would never get ourselves. One example is that they have been guiding us when discussing credit issues with the banks. We appreciate to have a partner that makes us sleep well at night, knowing everything is in control.”

Joel Lagerroos, MD and owner, Scandinavian Luxury Group (left) together with his co-owner Pontus Sjöberg



  • The company’s accountancy firm deals with accounting and perodical controls.
  • The basis for annual review and audit is sent to Revideco for control and adjustments and futher to complete audit.
  • After auditing Revideco completes the documents for tax return, etc.
  • Scandinavian Luxury Group is also consulting their auditor on a regular basis all year round.