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Authorized Public Accountant Caisa has over 30 years’ of experience in audit and accounting and has a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from owner-managed businesses to large groups, international companies  as well as listed companies. E-post: caisa.westin@revideco.se
16 01, 2023

How to Set Up a Business in Sweden – 8 most Common Questions

By |2023-01-16|

Are you looking on how to set up a business in Sweden? This article "How to Set Up a Business in Sweden" is written to give you the answers to the 8 most common questions we get from non-Swedish companies/entrepreneurs planning to establish a presence in Sweden via a Swedish legal entity. Revideco is

29 10, 2021

Accountancy in Sweden with global network

By |2021-10-29|

Revideco - Accountancy in Sweden - connected to the rest of the world. Yes, we have now accepted that Sweden might not be the center of the universe. But did you know that we can be considered the center of the world? Or at least center of (wow the Danes, Finns and Norwegian will dispute

28 03, 2021

How do i expand my Swedish Business to the U.S.?

By |2021-03-28|

How do I expand my Swedish Business to the U.S.? Today many Swedish companies are looking to expand their business beyond our borders. And some of them are looking into entering the U.S. market. Here is the guidance you need to help you navigate the challenges and avoid the risks. How do i expand my