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  • Welcome to our Guide to Doing Business in Sweden. In our guide we cover the most relevant areas for anyone who is looking into entering the Swedish market. The guide is updated as per 2022. Doing Business in Sweden Table of contents About Sweden & Fast facts Why doing business in Sweden? Banking, currency and commercial legal aspects Business Entities Tax on income – Companies Tax on income - Individuals Other taxations Business administration Our company - Revideco AB Contact us About Sweden Sweden is the largest country in Northern Region, covering an area of 450 295 square kilometers, with a population of nearly 10,45 million people (2021). Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with King Carl XVI Gustaf as head of the state. His authority is formal, symbolic and representational. Sweden is a parliamentary democracy

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  • OSS in Sweden (One stop Shop) Does your company manage e-commerce sales transactions (B2C) with other countries in the European Union? If yes, do you have knowledge of the updated VAT regulations for these types of transactions? Here you can read about the updated VAT regulation for B2C transactions with other European Union countries. Everything about OSS in Sweden. E-commerce sales of goods to consumers in other EU countries From July 1st, 2021 we have a new updated legislation when it comes to VAT on transactions to citizens in other European Union countries. According to the new legislation should a company which has a total net sale over SEK 99 680 / year (combined) to private individuals in other European Union countries charge VAT on the sale. The regulation says that the VAT should be calculated on

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  • How do I expand my Swedish Business to the U.S.? Today many Swedish companies are looking to expand their business beyond our borders. And some of them are looking into entering the U.S. market. Here is the guidance you need to help you navigate the challenges and avoid the risks. How do i expand my Swedish Business to the U.S.? Some of the first questions that arises when expanding to a new market are related to tax, accounting and legal issues. This is why our fellow MGI Worldwide member Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP has produced a webinar on all you need to know about Doing Business in the U.S. as well as the "Foreign Companies Doing Business in the United States Guide". On demand Webinar on Doing Business in the U.S. This webinar is a

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  • Revideco is a independent Swedish accounting, advisory and audit service provider and we  cater towards both Swedish and international clients, small and large companies. We are members of the global accountancy network MGI Worldwide since 20 years and within our network we assist clients from all over the world with advisory, accounting and audit services. Merger Our network is planning on mergering with the well established network CPAAI - and here is why: Stronger advisory, accounting and audit reach The merger will offer our clients greater resources, access to more expertise in new jurisdictions and a wider range of services. The merger will draw on regional expertise, with CPAAI especially strong in the US, China and Mexico, and MGI Worldwide with a stronger global reach. Good, if not great, match The two groups’ well-established markets, with

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  • Accounting Firm of the Year in Sweden We are pleased to announce that Revideco is the winner of Accounting Firm of the Year in Sweden! Out of a large number of applicants, a jury nominated five firms as finalists and last night it was clear that Revideo was awarded this prestigious award. Accounting Firm of the Future The name of the award in Swedish is “Årets Framtidsbyrå” or freely translated “This Year’s Accounting Firm of the Future”. As the Swedish name suggests, the nominees are firms who address and adjust to issues related to the rapidly changing accounting and auditing landscape. A word from CEO Erik Emilsson Victory!!! The Swedish Institute for the Accountancy profession, FAR, is giving out one, single award every year, to the Accounting Firm of the Future. All the firms, from Big

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  • Revideco has provided advisory services in Sweden since 1994. We cater towards both Swedish and international clients, small and large companies as well as foundations. Accounting firm of the year in Sweden We are pleased to announce that Revideco was nominated as finalist for Accounting Firm of the Year in Sweden 2018. Out of 88 applicants, a jury nominated five firms for the award – of which we were delighted to be one. Proud member of MGI Revideco is a proud member of MGI. MGI Worldwide is a network of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms. Revideco has been a active member for many decades now and with this cooperation we have contacts with auditors, accountants, as well as with tax specialists in just about 80 countries. Advisory services in Sweden We are also very

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  • Revideco is a Swedish accounting service provider and we have provided small and large both local and international companies with accounting services since 1994. Or clients range from global well recognized companies to smaller family businesses. In June 2018 Revideco attended the MGI European region meeting to meet with other accounting service providers from all around Europe. Swedish accounting service provider With a digital approach and a good understanding of international clients needs we provide accounting services to a large number of local and international clients. We are happy to say that we have a good understanding of our international client’s needs, both from an accounting point of view and a tax point of view. As we also are audit service providers we are able to take year end procedures from A to Z so to

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  • This year Revidecos delagates to the MGI European talent meeting in Frankfurt, Germany was Madelaine Beijer, Emma Lindequist, Kim Wrij from our Stockholm office and Ulrika Oscarsson from our Gothenburg office. Young rising telent The annual talent meeting is aimed at “young, rising talent” among member firms across Europe, this one day networking opportunity helped integrate new people into the world of MGI, particularly specialists in Tax, VAT, Audit and IFRS as well as partners of MGI firms. Direct contacts to specialists Madelaine Beijer comments; This has helped me with direct contacts to specialists within various fieldes across many european countries. I now have a better understanding of various issues in other countries and also whom to contact if any of my clients runs in to one of them. Independent audit, tax and accounting MGI Worldwide

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  • MGI is a global accounting network of independent audit firms, tax advisory firms, CPAs and accounting firms. In Scandinavia, MGI has a strong presence with members in all countries and all major cities. Revideco in Sweden has been a member since the year 2000. MGI is all about helping clients grow their businesses internationally, and as many companies grow to neighboring countries it is important that the MGI members know their fellow colleagues in neighboring countries - why a Nordic Circle meeting is held every year. Nordic Circle Meeting 2017 The MGI Nordic circle meeting this year was held in beautiful Rungstedgaard just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Hosts were Morten Ryberg from Redmark in Denmark together with Zoltan Paksy MGI European coordinator. Delegates from Finland, Norway, Denmark as well as Sweden where present and the agenda included, among other things, a successful workshop based in innovation theory. If you are interested any

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