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  • Revideco is a VAT representative in Sweden and we assist businesses with the VAT registration process, VAT accounting as well as VAT filings. We provide our services to both large and small businesses from all over the world. No threshhold Foreign entrepenours may register for VAT in Sweden without forming a new Swedish entity. Or chose to set up a Swedish entity. We at Revideco can assist you with the registration process. Please be aware of that there is no threshold and that you must register from the first day of activities in Sweden. Full service bureau - VAT representative in Sweden Our team consists of authorized accountants and auditors and have provided qualified accounting, audit and consultancy services in Sweden since 1994. We are not one of the big accounting firms but we do have ample recourses at our offices in

    By Published On: 2023-03-15
  • We are pleased to annonce that we have expanded our international accountant Sweden team with a new appointment: Sawen Kader International accountant Sweden Sawen will be part of our growing international accountant team. With her background in accounting and from working in an international environment we think we have a very good match. We are happy to have you on board Sawen, you are most welcome to our team! With our now growing team of international accountants, we are looking in to take on assignments with international companies with a presence in Sweden, as well as with Swedish companies with international reporting requirements. Accountant Sweden: Online & digital Sweden has been in the forefront of the digitalization of accounting services for many years. As early adapters of new technology, we have many years of experience

    By Published On: 2022-12-07
  • Online & digital accounting Sweden: We are pleased to announce that we now can take on new clients! We have strengthened our accounting team and are ready and able to take on additional accounting assignments. Accounting Sweden With our enlarged team, we are looking in to take on assignments with international companies with a presence in Sweden, as well as with Swedish companies. Accounting Sweden: Online & digital Sweden has been in the forefront of the digitalization of accounting services for many years. As early adapters of new technology, we have many years of experience in providing online & digital accounting services in Sweden. We provide services via cloud-based accounting software or the system of your choosing. A competent service provider Revideco is not one of the big accounting firms but we do have ample

    By Published On: 2022-09-29
  • Welcome to our Guide to Doing Business in Sweden. In our guide we cover the most relevant areas for anyone who is looking into entering the Swedish market. The guide is updated as per 2022. Doing Business in Sweden Table of contents About Sweden & Fast facts Why doing business in Sweden? Banking, currency and commercial legal aspects Business Entities Tax on income – Companies Tax on income - Individuals Other taxations Business administration Our company - Revideco AB Contact us About Sweden Sweden is the largest country in Northern Region, covering an area of 450 295 square kilometers, with a population of nearly 10,45 million people (2021). Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with King Carl XVI Gustaf as head of the state. His authority is formal, symbolic and representational. Sweden is a parliamentary democracy

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  • OSS in Sweden (One stop Shop) Does your company manage e-commerce sales transactions (B2C) with other countries in the European Union? If yes, do you have knowledge of the updated VAT regulations for these types of transactions? Here you can read about the updated VAT regulation for B2C transactions with other European Union countries. Everything about OSS in Sweden. E-commerce sales of goods to consumers in other EU countries From July 1st, 2021 we have a new updated legislation when it comes to VAT on transactions to citizens in other European Union countries. According to the new legislation should a company which has a total net sale over SEK 99 680 / year (combined) to private individuals in other European Union countries charge VAT on the sale. The regulation says that the VAT should be calculated on

    By Published On: 2021-12-09
  • Revideco - Accountancy in Sweden - connected to the rest of the world. Yes, we have now accepted that Sweden might not be the center of the universe. But did you know that we can be considered the center of the world? Or at least center of (wow the Danes, Finns and Norwegian will dispute this to death and beyond) the most Northern of the European Countries. Is this fake news? No, not at all, not when it comes to global access to accountants, auditors and specialists.  🙂 No, No, NO, that’s not possible...or is it? Yes of course it is!. As members of MGI Worldwide we are connected to a network of 100+ countries, 450+ offices, 9000+ professionals. MGI Worldwide with CPAAI is a major international accounting network and association of independent audit, accounting, tax

    By Published On: 2021-10-29
  • CPA Sweden. We at Revideco are Swedish CPA s and can assist you with CPA services in Sweden. Now, CPA or Certified Public Accountant is not called CPA in Sweden. It is called "Auktoriserad revisor" or as translated into English here "Authorized Public Accountant". But the scope of services is the same. We are not only CPA s we are as well Authorized accountants and Tax specialists, meaning we can take care of your accounting needs in Sweden. CPA Sweden Revideco is not one of the big accounting firms but we do have ample recourses at our 4 offices and in our 60 staff.  We are passionate about providing high quality services. We have experience in most industries and sizes, with owner-managed companies as our primary target group. As many of our clients are international we

    By Published On: 2021-09-26
  • Jakob Olsson is appointed as coordinator of international accounting services in Sweden. With Revidecos 25 years of experience of cooperation with international groups and companies providing accounting, payroll, secretarial and consultancy services in Sweden we are happy to announce that we, for the first time ever, have appointed an international accounting coordinator: Jakob Olsson. Back home again Jakob left Revideco in 2017 to gain new experiences as CFO and financial controller in international companies, both start-ups as well as in a large coorporation. We are now thrilled that Jakob has decided to return back home to us with his new gained wisdom. A warm welcome back to you Jakob! International accounting services in Sweden Revideco’s accounting services are fully adaptable to fit our customer’s prerequisites and wishes. We can perform a company’s entire accounting needs or

    By Published On: 2021-01-04
  • We are very pleased to announce that Revideco opens a fourth office offering audit services in Sundsvall. Authorized public accountant moving home As Fredrik Pålsson, authorized public accountant and partner is moving back hos his hometown Sundsvall he is also opening a brand new Revideco office. Fredrik has been located at Revidecos Stockholm office for 11 years and is specialized in audit of ownerled and internationals entities. He is also specilaized in grup consolidations and personal tax for entreprenours. Not the best timing, considering the corona, covid-19 virus outbreak I would say that this was not the best timing, considering the corona, covid-19 virus outbreak. I think building a full service office in Sundsvall will take longer than we planned just a few weeks back. But that does not matter, as we are here for the

    By Published On: 2020-03-27
  • Revideco is a independent Swedish accounting, advisory and audit service provider and we  cater towards both Swedish and international clients, small and large companies. We are members of the global accountancy network MGI Worldwide since 20 years and within our network we assist clients from all over the world with advisory, accounting and audit services. Merger Our network is planning on mergering with the well established network CPAAI - and here is why: Stronger advisory, accounting and audit reach The merger will offer our clients greater resources, access to more expertise in new jurisdictions and a wider range of services. The merger will draw on regional expertise, with CPAAI especially strong in the US, China and Mexico, and MGI Worldwide with a stronger global reach. Good, if not great, match The two groups’ well-established markets, with

    By Published On: 2019-11-07